Ashtyn Danielle

Hey Guys & Gals!!Thanks for stopping buy to check out my business!

First of I'm Ashtyn! I shoot with a Nikon, I love unicorns and rainbows I am happy go lucky with the occasional sailors tongue. I like to have fun and enjoy my work and not force people to take photos but to LIVE in the moment. I have been doing this gig for going on 7 years now! Its crazy to say that out loud sometimes, but when your having fun doing what you love time sure can fly by! Anywhooo I have been covering weddings for 3 years now so if you are here for wedding info go ahead and click that weddings link at the top for more on my weddings!

Aside from weddings I will literally cover about anything that you want to capture that means something to you! This can be birthday parties, Births ( my favorite),adoptions , headshots , "trash the dress",and all the other things in-between you name it I am there for you! I absolutely love to travel! As a child I didn't get to travel and I actually didn't go on my first vacation until I was 22! I love to travel to unfound gems so if you know about some spots and we can get my camera there safely lets do it! I'm here to make memories all while having fun. One of my biggest this is to make sure my clients feel comfortable with me and have fun during their sessions, I always say I'm not here to make clients I am here to make friends and family and I think most my clients would say they feel that way after spending a session with me!

So lets get together and have some fun

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