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Maternity + Milestones

When booking for your maternity start thinking, Do I want to capture my babies miles stones throughout the next year? I offer a few different packages for maternity and miles stones

Mama Grizzly - will include 6, 60 minutes sessions for $800 when paid in full at maternity session booking. This includes in a nut shell, maternity, fresh 48/or newborn, 3 months,6 months,9 months & 12 month shoots! The best part you will get all of your edited images from each shoot

Mama Bear- This is a pay as you go package, you will book your maternity session , fresh 48/newborn,3,6,9 at regular price and on your 12 month session booking it will be 1/2 off !

Birth is a beautiful thing and I am here to tell you can have it documented in a beautiful way full of emotions without having a family member responsible of all the shots and missing out on something so special. If you wish to have your birth photographed please message me and lets talk Life+

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