Mr & Mrs Puckett - Ashtyn Danielle

On April 29th, 2017 I had the honor of being apart of these two amazing human beings wedding day! I have watched them over the last year or so and from a distance truly fell in love with the way the embrace and show the rest of the world true love does exist. They are truly the most happiest I have ever seen. When I did their engagement photos there was no denying their love. Something I can always tell right off hand is emotions that others are experiencing, something about being behind the lens you can capture this and feel it in the shoot.

So anyways back to this awesome wedding day!

First it rained, a lot! Then I almost got my car hit because of the mass about of lovely Kentucky ran and swampy mud combo! Whew, luckily we saved my little red scoot about.  But by the grace of God, that sun came out right around the time we were set off to celebrate and announce these two as Husband and Wife, it was a beautiful ceremony. We then heading to the reception full of photo booth fun, fireball shots, floor tumbling for the garter and elbow tossing for the bouquet! It was truly a amazing first wedding of 2017 and I can only hope they are all just as amazing as this!  Amanda & Dustin CONGRATS, and again thank you both so much for trusting in me and giving me the opportunity to be apart of something so important.

-Ashtyn Danielle

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